Dancing in the Rain

On one of the days of our stay in the Smoky Mountains, we went to a place called Anakeesta. It’s basically like a theme park with only a few rides and a bunch of picture ops. On the day we went, it started to rain a little. At first, we didn’t realize. But then when we did, my cousin Navi and I raced down the structures we were in and started taking pictures in the rain. To make the poses more natural we started dancing and jumping in the rain. It stopped raining after about 10 minutes. That was the end of round 1…

After it stopped raining we went to a different part of the park. It had a little obstacle course. We went through it a couple of times and the parents took pictures. The kids were sitting on these large, wooden, bench-like swings. When we got up to leave, round 2 had started.

 Navi handed me her phone; I knew what I had to do. She ran and I started taking pictures from every angle.  By this time all the parents and kids we went with ran to find shelter. It started to rain harder but that made for better pictures. We kept taking pictures until we were soaking wet. Then we ran to find everyone.

When we came down from the ski lift we were all soaking wet. We were going to buy hoodies after because we buy hoodies in every cabin place we go. So when everyone just bought hoodies, we had to buy ghetto shorts with them because we were soaking wet. Both of our moms started yelling at us, saying things like “Why are you making us pay for these expensive shorts? Why did you take pictures in the rain? What are you going to do with them? It isn’t necessary!”

Would we do this again? Yes.

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