River Rafting

On our third day in the Smoky Mountains, we went white water river rafting. In this form of rafting there are a lot of rapids and rocks in the water which makes it hard to do. We went horseback riding in the morning so it put us on a tight schedule. We had to rush lunch and almost missed rafting. I was really nervous because I haven’t swum in rapid water in over a year so I was prepared for the worst (lol I wish I was kidding). 

When we got into the raft one of the kids started talking to the instructor and I had to tell him (kindly) to stop talking so the instructor could focus. Our lives were in his hands. But then I spotted it… an Avatar the Last Air Bender sticker on his helmet. This helped me calm down a little. In the end, we didn’t die though.

As we started to go down the river we had to paddle to get through the rapids. We had to do it in unison for it to work. To get through the rapids we had to count. It felt like we were in kindergarten. In another rapid the instructor made us go backward so we got wet. We also had two other rafts filled with kids from our group. When the river was calm they started splashing at our raft with their paddles.

After we finally got back to our cabin we were still soaked in that disgusting water. We decided to go into the hot tub and pool after changing into different swimsuits because we didn’t want the dirty water in the pool or hot tub.

In the end, white water river rafting was an experience. It is an adventure. And something I don’t get to do every day.

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