Attack on Titan


⚠⚠Don’t read this if you haven’t got past season 3 of Attack on Titan⚠⚠ 

End of season 1 Armin’s POV

Flopping on my bed finally being able to relax after a long day of strategy meetings. Usually after I come back to my room I read a book about the outside world but today was just too tiring. 

Armin fell asleep without changing out of his uniform. That night he had an odd dream. This is what happened in the dream: 

Armin woke up on the wall. The sun was about to set and Hanji was sitting next to him. She was looking outside the walls. Then she realized he was awake.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We were going to do an experiment with the titans but you fell asleep,” she said.

“Sorry,” I said.

“It’s fine, I was tired too,” she replied. 

She was still looking outside the walls. The sky looked really pretty as the sun set. It was bright red and yellow.  The only people that leave the walls are the survey corps; they are the people that fight the titans.

“Do you ever wonder if there is something out there?” she asked.

“Like what? People?” I questioned.

“Yeah. Like other cities, countries even,” she answered. She didn’t say it in her usual joking tone so she must have been really serious.

“Maybe. But the titans probably would have eaten them,” I replied.

We jumped as a voice behind us whispered, “there are.”

Then I heard a knock. I woke up in my bed and realized it was all a dream. 

But what did it mean? Did it even mean anything?

“Armin? Are you awake? We need to go,” said a voice. It was Erens.

“Coming!” he yelled.

End of season 1 Hanji’s POV 

Hanji opened the door to her room, falling asleep on the way to the bed. It was a really long day of experiments. Hanji fell asleep as soon as she flopped onto the bed still in her work uniform.

That night she had a really weird dream. This is what happened.

I had been asleep and woke up on the wall next to Armin. He was looking outside of the wall and he was deep in thought, probably thinking about something called a sea. He realized that I was awake.

“What happened?” I asked, still half asleep but sitting up.

“You fell asleep when we were going to experiment on titans,” he replied politely. “You probably overworked yourself again. Moblit was really worried.”

The way Armin said that started to remind her of captain Levi. “Yeah yeah captain,” I said in a mocking tone. The sun was setting and Armin was still in his thoughts. 

“Do you think there is something out there?” Armin said as he pointed out into the distance. 

“What? Like people?”I asked in an excited tone. “That would be so cool.”

“I guess. But what if they’re not friendly?” he replied worried.

“We’ll be fine. Besides we don’t even know if there are people. When we know then we can worry,” I said back unbothered. 

“There are,” a voice from behind us said. 

When we turned to look back I woke up.

End of season 1 Erens POV

Armin had been acting distant since this morning. When Eren and Mikasa asked about it Armin had just brushed it off and said it was nothing. They both knew that something was off but they didn’t question it more.

When Hanji was doing experiments with Eren’s power she was telling Levi about a strange dream she had. Levi could care less and wasn’t listening but Eren heard a little bit of what she was saying. 

“… then me and Armin heard a voice saying ‘there are’. But when I was going to look back I woke up.”


As they all walked to the lunch hall, Armin was being distant while the group talked about the new titan formation. When they all got their lunches and sat down, Armin started to tell them about his dream. He told them what happened and Hanji’s face started to light up.

“MY DREAM WAS LIKE THAT TOO!” she yelled. 

“What do you mean?” Armin asked, confused.

“It was the same thing but you were the one asking the questions,” she said with an excited look. Hanji was rambling on about doing tests and Armin was trying to think what the joint dreams meant while the others were confused:

-Mikasa – SO they had the same dream. Why is everyone so shocked? It’s Hanji.

-Sasha – That’s really weird. Ooo what’s for lunch today?

-Jean – If I figure this out before Eren I really will be better than Eren. THINK. THINK.

-Connie – It’s not normal for two people to have the same dream. What’s Sasha getting for lunch?

“Are we gonna ask them what they’re talking about or do we ignore this?” Connie whispered to the bunch that were not Hanji and Armin.

“Just ignore it, it probably means nothing,” Reiner, Berthold, and Annie blurted out… 

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