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Dancing in the Rain

On one of the days of our stay in the Smoky Mountains, we went to a place called Anakeesta. It’s basically like a theme park with only a few rides and a bunch of picture ops. On the day we went, it started to rain a little. At first, we didn’t realize. But then whenContinue reading “Dancing in the Rain”

River Rafting

On our third day in the Smoky Mountains, we went white water river rafting. In this form of rafting there are a lot of rapids and rocks in the water which makes it hard to do. We went horseback riding in the morning so it put us on a tight schedule. We had to rushContinue reading “River Rafting”

Attack on Titan

Dream ⚠⚠Don’t read this if you haven’t got past season 3 of Attack on Titan⚠⚠  End of season 1 Armin’s POV Flopping on my bed finally being able to relax after a long day of strategy meetings. Usually after I come back to my room I read a book about the outside world but todayContinue reading “Attack on Titan”

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